By Kobi Print

New research finds activity trackers and mobile apps currently being used by consumers are effective in improving physical activity, with an average increase of around 2000 steps per day. This has the potential to lower the risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some types of cancer. New research from the University of Sydney has found that using smartphone applications and activity trackers increases physical activity levels in adults without chronic disease.


By Kashyap Raibagi

The year 2020 was challenging to everyone in so many ways as the world went into lockdown, and people had to get accustomed to completely new environments. Sitting at home, people felt lonely, anxious, and depressed, which led to a soar in the number of mental health issues. The lockdowns also meant that one could not seek in-person help from their psychiatrists or therapists. During such difficult times, many people resorted to using mental health apps to help themselves keep calm.