By Nebojsa Ciric

In the past decade, the smartphone has become an indispensable part of our everyday life. We use it for organizing our day and communicating with friends and colleagues. But we also use it for accessing online entertainment and performing business-related tasks. Unfortunately, the widespread use of smartphones has its drawbacks. It has made them an attractive target for hackers, thieves and cyber-warfare agents. As a result, mobile security is becoming a major concern in the corporate sector.


By Jasmine Ronalds

Don’t you think how entertaining the surroundings has become with the coming of various kinds of mobile applications? As these apps making our lives entertaining and communicating, on the other hand, they are expanding the business of the entrepreneurs. Well, it is ok that these mobile apps are boosting your business but to maintain the business standard and customer’s trust. For that, it is mandatory to develop highly-secured mobile apps which are helpful in building customer’s trust.