By Tatsiana Isakova

What do Target, Uber, and Pokemon Go have in common? They’re all location-based applications. Today, map-based applications are firmly rooted in mobile app development, thus becoming a staple for many thriving businesses. Various industries leverage the geolocation option to enhance users’ experiences and make them more entertaining at the same time. Love it or hate it, but this technology is palpable in more than 90% of apps we see on the App Store or Google Play.


By Katherine S

Enterprises are launching custom mobile app development tools to boost their overall efficiency. With custom software, companies can access seamless personalized ecosystems as well as application services. Naturally, these advantages are fueling market growth. According to recent studies, the custom mobile app development market is projected to grow over $25 billion by 2024. Importantly, your custom development company needs to integrate the latest digital tools to keep up with this rising demand.