By Ishita Chigilli Palli

Researchers Spot Spyware and Ransomware Targeting Android Devices. Cybercriminals, and perhaps nation-state hackers, that are attempting to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic are now turning their attention to mobile devices to spread malware, including spyware and ransomware, security researchers warn. For example, researchers at the security firm Lookout have tracked a malicious Android application called "corona live 1.1," which hides surveillance spyware and appears to target mainly Libyan citizens. 


By Lisa Eadicicco

5G has been a buzzword in the tech community for years, but the next-generation wireless network is expected to have a banner year in 2020. Cristiano Amon, president of mobile chipmaker Qualcomm, recently sat down with Business Insider to talk about the most noticeable changes smartphone owners will see when 5G networks become widespread.