By Praveen Krify

We are all too intimate with a road choked with cars trying to secure a parking slot, deteriorating traffic. Finding a parking slot away from home is an upcoming problem that has gripped the masses. The number of cars has increased with increasing population and this has caused a scarcity of space. Finding free parking has become a nightmare in metropolitan areas. Smart Parking slot finder is one of the most adopted and fastest-growing innovations across the globe. It evolves low-fee sensors, real-time statistics and applications that permit the user to monitor available and unavailable parking slots.


By Chanakya Kyatham

Internet of Things, or IoT, has been one of the most influential technologies that have graced the tech industry. Modern living in 2020 has become heavily dependent on IoT. The technology utilizes the power of data collected through a network of high-end sensors. This data is collected from machines and people alike. IoT is used as an ecosystem of multiple devices that share data amongst each other to enhance the efficiency of their functions, and serve the customers intuitively.