By Amit Agrawal

One can not disagree with the fact stating that smartphones are the future. Since the day the computer invented, its size has only gotten smaller. Now we are able to hold this mini form of computers in the palms of our hands. Surpassing browsing on the desktop computer, mobile browsing became the main source of computing for us. But how all of this can help in event management? It can help, since it is quite clear that mobile apps will be the source of interaction for the attendees, in fact, it has even become so.


By Mark Runyon

I don’t need to tell you that people are glued to their mobile devices. Whether it’s the oblivious millennial almost becoming roadkill while checking Instagram or the modern family hunched over devices at the dinner table, this is crack for the twenty-first century. The average person spends three hours per day on a smartphone or tablet. If you want to get to your customers, you have to tailor your application to their mobile experience.