By Tanya

On average, a school student has at least one education related app on his device. There are over 62,000 education-related apps available in the various app stores, which are revolutionizing education. But how? . Today’s students benefit from the powerful new ways of mobile technology and mobile apps take away a major chunk of it. Mobile apps are taking education out of the classroom and putting it into the pockets of the learners.


By Courtney Linder

Apps are just one of many things that can slow down your phone and make it feel like an ancient Nokia, and it can be pretty frustrating. But know that you're not alone. About 48 percent of consumers will delete or stop using an app if they have to wait more than two seconds for it to load, according to Apteligent, a mobile app performance company. So here are five common app-related problems and some solutions we've cooked up to keep you away from that dreaded throbber symbol (that's the loading circle image—bet you didn't know what it was called!)