By Nitin Nimbalkar

In today’s era, almost every market around the world has gone online. Be it eLearning or eCommerce, the use of high-speed internet has brought a paradigm shift in customers’ behavior. The ease of accessibility and flexibility of using the internet from every corner of the world has given the eLearning platform a new horizon. No doubt, eLearning is becoming a popular choice for busy professionals. The concept of social distancing has encouraged educators and marketers to tap into new opportunities.


By Tom Starkey

Apps are the driving force behind our mobile phones’ accelerating dominance of our time, accounting for 80 percent of every 10 minutes spent online, according to the latest Comscore report. In Cambodia, Facebook continues to hold its dominant position as the Kingdom’s leading app, as businesses increasingly allocate their marketing budgets towards social media channels." “Although mobile phone usage [per capita] in Cambodia may be lower than average use elsewhere in the world, the use of social media via smartphone is higher than the global average,” say tech experts, Geeks in Cambodia.