By Stuart A. Thompson

YOUR SMARTPHONE is one of the world’s most advanced surveillance tools. This week, Times Opinion is reporting on a huge trove of location data showing the precise location movements for millions of Americans. Once your location is shared with the companies, there’s no way to delete that information or get it back. Your best bet is to avoid sharing your location in the first place — at least until the government bestirs itself to begin regulating how that information is collected, used and sold. 


By Pradeep Makhija 

As we enter into a new decade, we take with us learnings from the old decade and reinvent them for the new age. The mobile app will not stagnate; in fact, with time the technology will evolve into something more experiential and immersive. From improving the business operations to grow your business to the next level, the newer technologies in collaboration with a mobile app will prove to be profitable.