By Kayla Matthews

For as long as people have been around, we’ve looked for ways to rid ourselves of bugs. Bugs can be irritating, gross and even destructive, which is plenty of reason to want the more troublesome species gone from your presence.Mosquitoes are an especially big annoyance for people, especially during the summertime.They breed in warm, stagnant waters and hang out where they can get the easiest meals. That means they’re probably in your backyard and buzzing around you anytime you step outdoors. This has led to the creation of many different kinds of bug repellants, including some interesting smartphone apps. Read on to learn all about bug repellant apps and see if they actually work.


By Shweta

A study showed more than 1,000 applications gathering your data, even when permissions are explicitly denied.BOKARO STEEL CITY, Jharkhand—500 million people use TikTok globally, and 43% are based in India. Chances are your mobile has the app installed on it. Do you know that the app is sharing your data with its business partners, advertising networks, cloud service providers, data centre hosts and search engine providers?