By Rob Pegoraro

Getting a task done by installing an app on your smartphone can seem the most logical step in the world – right up until a badly-coded, awkwardly-distributed app causes the Iowa Democratic caucus to meltdown. The fact that the Iowa caucuses’ underlying work of transmitting numbers to a site could have been done by a mobile web site should remind everybody to think anew about the wisdom of throwing a mobile app at every problem.


By Sergio De Simone

Dropbox recently took ownership of the open-source Store library to revamp it and bring it closer to the current Android developer ecosystem. Originally developed at the New York Times, Store is a library for "effortless, reactive data loading" that was originally written in Java. Store has since been rewritten in Kotlin on the foundations provided by Coroutines and Flow. Along with the Google JetPack collection of libraries, Dropbox Store provides a solution to create modern Android apps.