By Audrey Throne

As the web development industry is rapidly changing, it is clear that a professional software development team must keep up with the latest trends in this niche. If your end game is being ahead of your competitors and you wish to build only viable web solutions, you need to monitor these trends and implement them in web development. The world doesn’t stand still, new technologies emerge every day, offering many new opportunities to business owners. In this post, we’ll dive deeper into this theme and review the latest trends that must be followed by each company that offers mobile app development services.


By Jyoti Gupta

“If your business is not on the internet your business will be out of business”- the year 2020 has shown us that this saying of one of the great minds “Bill Gates” is more than true.The pandemic has not only made it necessary but also a matter of survival for businesses to go from offline to online. Apart from this, it has also created several opportunities for startups to enter healthcare, e-commerce, finance, and other industries merely by developing a mobile application.