By Mehul Rajput

Last year’s predictions for this year had foretold that there would be an increase in the number of DDoS attacks. Unfortunately, this prediction has been slowly translating into reality as incidents of DDoS attacks on mobile apps spike. Not to mention, the intensity of damage has also multiplied. On top of that, DDoS attacks have found new targets – mobile devices and applications. As a preventative measure, it is always best to take steps to keep your device safe.


By RJ Frometa

Everyday technology takes one leap towards a better application that helps business owners as well as individuals. Today, mobile applications are bringing in a revolutionary change and allow people to use the services of their choicest brands via mobile. From the business development stage, an organization needs to have its website as well as a mobile application to develop their business. Also, for an average person, it is necessary to use a Smartphone to carry on with their daily chores.