By Vinati Kamani

What are the benefits of microservices architecture in app development? There are a number of reasons to shift to a microservices architecture, including a rise in cross-functional teams, and continuous deployment. Follow these tips and you can successfully shift, increase your team’s flexibility and speed, and develop better mobile apps.Mobile devices are increasingly becoming the user’s preferred instruments of choice for browsing the Internet. With market leaders focusing on providing customers with exemplary user experiences, we are now witnessing a rapid rise in consumer expectations which mandates including the innovation of the mobile experiences you offer.


By Denise Giusto Bilic

Mobile security plays an increasingly important role in protecting information assets for both home and corporate users. In fact, with the advent of the Internet of Things and the thousands of non-traditional devices that are controlled by mobile applications, the security of our phones becomes increasingly relevant to protect the computers they connect to.Therefore, throughout this publication we will conduct an analysis of the mobile security landscape based on statistics obtained during the first six months of the year, to assess what are the new trends in relation to the 2018 mobile security report.