By AshwinVairu

The banking sector has seen a significant transformation since its inception. The days of standing in long queues even for a simple money transfer are a thing of the past. Now users can do net banking, pay utility bills, check account statements all through mobile banking and banking apps.Studies highlight that banking apps will witness a 14% increase every year. Banking apps now integrate with modern technologies like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Blockchain to improve security and convenience. Banking apps are rich in features and tend to reach a more extensive audience base. Customer insights through data visualization and an intuitive experience have become the new ways of banking.


By Abhijeet

Usage of mobile for trading in stock markets has been swiftly gaining recognition following the growing participation of retail, as well as institutional clients.The shift from desktop computers and other trading terminals to mobile trading applications have been largely driven by the ease of placing orders with an active eye on the portfolio according to the current market prices.