By Kate O'Flaherty

Google Android threats continue to hit users thick and fast. And today is no different: Security researchers have detailed a newly discovered Android vulnerability that they call “StrandHogg,” which allows malware to pose as legitimate apps to attack users of Google’s operating system. The “dangerous” Android vulnerability could grant hackers access to your private SMS and photos, steal your log in credentials, track your movements, record your phone conversations, and spy through your phone’s camera and microphone, according to researchers at Norwegian app security company Promon.


By Evelina Brown 

It is commonly known now that the world is going mobile. There are reports showing 60% of the searches on Google are done on mobile devices. Meaning to say, if you can go mobile with respect to your business marketing, chances are you can be successful as you can hit the vast majority of the market. And this is the bottom line why businesses need an app development company.