By Nagesh Banga

With new-age social media apps cementing their position among the top five most downloaded apps globally, a remarkable behavioural shift can be observed in the way millennials spend their time online. Though, it’s too early to profess if such apps will be able to emerge as a strong contender to traditional social media giants, the additional engagement modules being offered by these apps will provide a certain fillip to their much-anticipated success.


By Dima Levin

Mobile apps are slowly but surely becoming an integral part of our modern lives. So much so that it’s getting harder to get by without them. Just think back around five or seven years ago. How many of the applications that you have installed on your phone today were simply not available no matter how hard you looked? Quite a lot right? And that doesn’t go saying that everything needs an application, but the fact is that almost everything has it regardless.The question that remains to be answered though, is whether everything needs an app in the first place. The simple answer to this is, no. But is it handy that everything does have an app regardless? Yes, it’s quite handy.