Developing an app for iOS 14: Things to consider

By Amit Agrawal

There was an announcement of the iOS 14 release in the month of June. The new version will be having few changes along with announcements which are groundbreaking. There was an announcement of Apple for iOS 14 release in the month of June. The new version will be having few changes along with announcements which are groundbreaking.

Similar to clockwork, Apple is coming with a different multitude of industries by transforming the OS addition devised for making the secure, easy, and immersive app experience.

Before getting to the important point of developing an app for iOS 14 you must be having some basic ideas about the features of iOS 14.

List of features for iOS 14

Home screen having app library- There will be a change in the home screen for apple. Users will be able to perform certain tasks like removing apps from the screen as well as removing the screen. The app will also be staying in the app library which will be just a single swipe away from the home screen. Apps library helps in grouping al the apps in a folder that shows the apps that have been recently used. There is a search box that helps the user in searching the apps. The folders are also organized automatically according to social, health and fitness, etc.

Widget experience- In the case of the iOS ecosystem widget is said to be playing an integral part and that is also from a long period of time. Now with the release of the new OS version, iOS will be changing the experience of the widgets for the iOS users. The widget will now be having new information along with many new sizes. If any user wishes, then he or she will also be able to drag the widget on their home screen. Picture-in-picture mode- With the iOS 14 version, the PIP or the picture-in-picture mode will finally be introduced. If you are engaged in any face time call or watching any kind of video then this mode will help you in going back to the home screen while the call or the video will be appearing on your screen. In order to make the tab little, the users will also be able to move the box or swipe it simply around the screen.

App clips- It may be said that Apple has taken inspiration from Google and decided to launch app clips on its new iOS 14 version. These may be regarded as the micro parts which help the users in using different parts of apps without signing, downloading, or installing the app in order to perform tasks. The iPhone app development services develop this app clips and make sure that the experience of the user remains under 10 MB. The app clips will be able to help businesses by acquiring new customers as it will help in triggering through the web, maps, QR codes, NFC, and message tags. Privacy tweaks- Apple is always taking care of the privacy of the customers and when compared to Android users it can be said that iOS is the best. Users will now be able to give approximate location in place of the exact location. When any app is asking for a photo then you can particularly select that photo instead of going through the whole library.

Arcade updates- Apple arcade was launched basically to transform the industry for gaming. This arcade of iOS 14 will help the user in showing which game was played by your friend when was that game last played. The ARKit tools- For any iOS application development company, Apple is expanding the tools for AR with ARKit tool. The tools now will be helping the developers to give location anchors for making AR objects that are occupying a place in the real world. An A12 Bionic chip will now be able to perform facial tracking with the help of the front camera and also when it is not the module of TrueDepth. A depth API has also been introduced in the new OS version of Apple which will help the developers in developing an environment of 3D mesh on iPad Pro.

Points to keep in mind for developers

Apart from above all features, a good app development company will also have to keep certain features in mind before developing a perfect iOS app for the client with the release of the new iOS 14. They are-

Prompts for new location permission- Users will be allowed to share the approximate locations for each of the apps that are present on their phones. Developers will now be able to access request which is one-time to a precise location in case of any feature which is very important that requires onsite experience or curbside pickup.

IDFA access- Apps will now be required to ask permission for tracking users across various apps as well as websites using the identifier pf advertising which is known as the IDFA. Users will now e having two options which are “Ask app not to track” and “allow tracking” from where they can choose either one of them. This will help the users in toggling for removing the prompts of IDFA that is going forward. Previously consumers were able to reset the IDFA function at any time. In the case of any organization which is an Apple’s identifier for unifying app, then two options are they are and they are-

  • Make a case that is compelling for both Apple as well as to your users saying why IDFA is offering an overall good experience.
  • Partnering with a dedicated identity solution provider or cross-device for helping you tying data signals to an approach that is more unified for customer satisfaction.

In-app data collection- app developers will now have to list the data that they are collecting from the users that include a high-level overview of the way of accessing and using it. The information is self-reported by the developer and will also be visible in the content of the App store.


There are many PWA development company that are still working on this new update to get new ways of making the perfect app for their client. iOS 14 will not only help the customers for Apple users but will also help the developers.

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