By Priya Dialani

In the realm of innovation and IT trends, the augmented reality is on everybody’s lips. What’s more, however, AR may just begin to enter our lives, yet unquestionably it is digging in for the long-term, that at any rate is self-evident. This innovation is changing the entire consumer experience and, in this manner, present different opportunities for organizations. Augmented reality in sports industry carries imperative and positive changes to fans and spectators, training skills and marketing.

AR and VR – these two cutting-edge innovations are already here and, similar to any great creation, positively affect individuals’ lives. Talking about the AR in the sports business, you’ll perceive how normally and bit by bit it has been entering sportsmen’s everyday practice and sport competitions. Augmented reality in sports is competent to improve the skills of competitors, reduce the risk of failures and injuries, as well as improve the viewing experience for the fans.

One of the numerous ways that AR applications are revolutionizing technology is with the manner in which we see data. Hardcore fans realize that sports have a great deal of data to figure out, so it should not shock anyone that sports producers are collaborating with tech organizations to give their fans augmented reality technology for figuring out the entirety of the stats and figures associated with following your preferred teams.

Panasonic has made it conceivable and disclosed their exceptional AR solution during CES 2018. Here, they exhibit the combination of augmented reality and 3D projection mapping to give an out-of-the-world experience with the future arena. Truth be told, with the assistance of augmented reality innovation, Panasonic imbues intelligent infotainment in each moment of the game and gives a rich user experience to the spectators.

Besides, with the assistance of face recognition technology, Panasonic likewise goes for a paperless entry system in the arena. Nevertheless, the combination of augmented reality in the sports arena will urge the sports-lovers to leave the comfort of their home and visit the arena to enjoy the game to its fullest.

  The MLB Ballparks App

About a year back, Major League Baseball declared that they would utilize augmented reality innovation to instantly and all the more precisely record information and to show that information to fans by means of an AR application.

There are some AR segments left on the At Bat application. In particular, you can see pitch videos in realistic 3D renderings of MLB ballparks, both for games that have just been played and live as the pitches happen. The MLB At Bat application has a ton of other content on it other than the AR content, including streaming games, so MLB doesn’t simply give the application away. The application is actually free yet requires a three-dollar every month membership except if you already are paying for MLB.TV.

The MLB Ballparks application, accessible for Apple and Android clients, presently has the augmented reality components that were initially part of the At Bat App. Point your screen at the green, and statistics display around the players at bass, enabling fans to be their own sports analysts.

The application additionally utilizes Statcast, the motion tracking technology that MLB has been utilizing throughout the last four years, to show real-time statistics like ball speed and direction. The MLB has Statcast innovation at all of their ballparks, however, the application data says that AR experiences are not constantly accessible and are not in any arenas. Like the At Bat application, the MLB Ballparks application has a lot of extra features that should give you a chance to order tickets and purchase concessions within the application, yet numerous users have said that these features have significant defects.

The PGA Tour’s In-house Innovation Lab

To get to an augmented reality application, you need data. For the PGA Tour, that began in 1983 with their first electronic scoreboard system to 2001 where that system developed into the Shotlink stage. Steve Evans, Senior Vice President, Golf Technology, PGA Tour, said that Shotlink is a real-time data collection system of the traits of each shot on the course in real-time.

During the Arnold Palmer Invitational, March 4-10, 2019 in Bay Hill, Florida, Evans said the team gathered information on near 32,000 shots. That data incorporates where the player is hitting the shot from, to where the ball winds up on each shot. With those coordinates, they can compute distances, from the tee, from the last shot, etc., and with that information, they can likewise outline golf course so they can make an increasingly improved depiction of where the ball is.

Evans said they do this to get data to recount stories, compute statistics and present computer visualizations for the fans. The entirety of that data turned into the backbone for the production of the PGA Tour AR application which turned out in spring 2019.

Scott Gutterman, Vice President, Digital Operations, PGA Tour said they were the first sport to consolidate augmented reality (AR) with live information. PGA Tour AR application shows shot trails, distance to the hole, etc. Evans says that the entirety of the PGA’s innovation advancement is done in house as a major aspect of their PGA Tour Innovation program which began in 2016.

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