By Pratik Kanada

Mobile apps are the getaway to everything for everyone these days. So, people stuff their phones with as many apps as they can until they realize they are having a memory issue. This is the behavior of ordinary people, there is a certain section of people with specific choice and they are entrepreneurs. These are the set of people who are very careful about what type of apps they keep on their mobile devices.


By Courtney Linder

A "zombie app" is pre-installed by the manufacturer and near-impossible to delete. Not only do these zombie apps take up space and precious battery life, but they also leave the door open to hackers. Some zombie apps are worse than others. Here's how to delete them, or at least minimize their damage.With Halloween approaching, it's time to purge your phone of the pre-installed "zombie apps" that suck its blood (a.k.a. battery life) and leave your data at the mercy of hackers. Here's how to spot a zombie app in the, uh, flesh.